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You are welcome to be a part of this journey as we take on the slope to clear the path to magnificence.


Our group of adventure lovers is funding us. The doors are open to your presence on the journey.


Every penny counts on this hike over the escarpments to a pleasant way of serving nature.

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We, as a community, work to thank the hills and the greenery for their lush fruition. Every crack on nature needs to be fixed on this mission.

Volunteer Comments

All the individuals volunteering for this service have put in their best efforts to accentuate the green.

Living a few days with the team to improve the conditions was somewhat akin to a catharsis.

-Mary H Garris

The risk everyone is facing now needs to be eluded effectively, and doing it with your friends makes it a lot more fun.

-Pauline H Mondragon

The service they are facilitating by bringing together people from several states is worth our praise.

-Raymond L Campbell

Wilderness Hiking, Adventure, And Giving Back Through Volunteering.

Hit the road to the heights of adventure and elation to give back to nature with every step you take to the peak.

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4 Places in the U.S. to Do Volunteer Trail Work


If you like to get your hands dirty and become closer to nature, there is no better way to hit the slope. Groups of hikers have been taking trails to explore the beauty of the heights and clear the path to a cleaner environment. Your journey doesn’t end with you being stoked; the greenery and waters expect something in return. It could merely be the decision not to pollute the area. However, as you may know, many people dispose of garbage and other items on the way up and down. Living to give back to those recreation spots may be considered a service, but it is a lot of fun when you do it with the people you love. Volunteering for trail works can bring more positivity through the different individuals you meet. Here is a list of the best places to do volunteer trail work in the U.S.

1.      Tahoe Rim Trail

Construction, maintenance, and improvement of the 165-mile trail around Lake Tahoe was the objective behind forming the Tahoe Rim Trail Association in 1981. You can be a part of their works from June to October, with many special days for the volunteers. The crew will teach you how to serve the sole purpose of the volunteer work; if you are slow to pick the pattern of duties, the best you can do to start with is cook for the camp. Once you have learned the activities, you could also get yourself trained to be a group leader. Multi-day and overnight backpacking trip options are available at Tahoe, or you could also opt for the single-day service.

Tahoe Rim Trail

2.      Colorado Public Lands

State-wide programs are held by the non-profit organization called Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, and these works are focused on protecting and managing the state’s vast sceneries. Guanella Pass and Mount Elbert are the two main spots where trail restoration activities are hosted either as a daylong outing or a multi-day stewardship adventure. This is surely your best bet if you want to be working with the trail-building group with your family. The group leaders pick low altitudes for the volunteer days if kids as young as six have joined.

3.      Pacific Crest Trail

In this trail maintenance adventure, you go across Washington, California, and Oregon. Local experts teach at the Trail Skills College to help the volunteers learn the works faster. Since the Pacific Crest Trail Association is serious about the volunteers knowing everything before taking the climb, the experts will teach you saw training, tread reconstruction, and the right way to use different tools. Once the free classes are done, you can join a regional group or sign for the volunteer program.

Pacific Crest Trail

4.      Florida Trail

Volunteers are required almost all year round since the trail that spans across the state at 1,300 miles has the massive Big Cypress National Preserve that needs maintenance. When you join a local group in the volunteering program, you will be handed a hard hat, brush cutters, gloves, and the necessary instructions to safely do the activities. The camp-cooked meals will keep you energized all day.