Multi-touch technology. Multi-touch screen on a tablet or smartphone: what is it

Multi-touch technology. Multi-touch screen on a tablet or smartphone: what is it

Modern electronic devices are equipped with all the new features that are designed for ease of use. Each feature has its own name. For example digital signage, you may see the word “multi-touch” in the technical description for a tablet or phone. What is this?

For example, the touch screen of a multi-touch phone makes working with the device as convenient and fast as possible. Furthermore, such a system is used to change the scale of the image, for example, when the distance between two contact points’ decreases, the image decreases, and when the distance increases, the image is enlarged.

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Another important feature of this sensor is that it allows multiple users to work with one device at the same time. However, in most cases, multi-touch is used to perform other simpler functions.

Display device

What is a multi-touch screen? A capacitive monitor happens to be a glass panel that use to cover a resistive layer. In the corners of the screen there are four electrodes touch digital signage. An alternating voltage passes through them. When a finger touches the touch screen, a current leak occurs. Large multi-touch screens use to support multi-touch tracking of multiple users simultaneously. Screens created by various technologies can own it. Infrared frames are being developed and released in production: screens with different diagonals, using infrared lighting and a camera. Special sensory films, as well as glass, are in demand among users of electronics. They cover the screens, their sizes can vary from seventeen to fifty inches or more.

Multi-touch sensor working principle

Today, Multi-touch implementation technology is divided into several types Rev Interactive Malaysia. Actually, there use to be so many dissimilar multi-touch systems. They all have a complex construction. It is much more complex than conventional Single Touch systems. All existing types of sensor systems, of course, cannot be considered. However, let’s take a look at the three most popular and common sensors. So what is multi-touch sensor and how is it organized?

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Capacitive projection sensor

This type of implementation of the Multi-touch system is the most practical. Thanks to this, it received the largest distribution. This technology is organized as follows. Inside the screen there are electrodes. When you touch them with your fingers, they form a condenser.

In addition, the electronic interface recognizes the capacitance of the resulting capacitor and has the opportunity to determine the coordinates of the contact point. The peculiarity of such a screen use to be that they are very tough. In addition, their operation is not capricious, that is, they are not sensitive to contamination.

Resistive technology

The structure of this technology is that the touch screen itself consists of two layers: the upper and the lower. The upper layer is made of flexible material (a special film) and the lower one, in the vast majority of cases, is made of glass. Between these layers is a layer of a substance called a dielectric? This material insulates the top layer from the bottom, preventing them from touching.

Optical multi-touch technology

What is a multi-touch touch screen with optical sensors? This multi-touch touch screen implementation technology has the best prospects. The main feature is that it has no restrictions on screen size, which allows it to be used on a wide variety of devices.