The Different Types Of Search Engine Optimisation

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For everyone who doesn’t know what an SEO type is, all in all, grant me the allowance to enlighten you about the same. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process which makes sure you have more viewers checking out your site. And how does it do that? Technically, it appears on Google’s best advertising agency malaysia Search engine result pages when some specific keyword is searched for, inside the domain.


Herein, I’ll talk about the  distinctive SEO types along with a brief note on how you could score better when it comes to being more authoritatively visible than any of your contemporaries.


  • Technical SEO-It is the process of making sure that every website is done and dusted with its technical needs. This will only result in a highly improved ranking of the site. How to proceed:

What you need to do about it is optimise your robot.txt to have all the search engines accessing your website in the right manner. What you shall also do is verify your website with Google Search Console and don’t forget to tell them about which domain you want to work within.


  • On-Page SEO-As the title suggests, an digital marketing advertising agency malaysia On-Page SEO has everything to do with the page and how we could make it user friendly. Not to forget, easy for every search engine to find out.

The procession:

Nevertheless, always optimise the title of your page for it is shown very clearly in the search results. They need to be amusing and eye-catchy enough for viewers to click on it. Moreover, it should also give an open clue about what the content of the page is.

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  • Content SEO- Much like what its name suggests, One Search Pro agency Content SEO is everything about how the content of the website can be made catchier and insightful by enhancing its quality as a whole.

How to proceed:

What you immediately need to do is optimising your site for local SEO. And that would require you to add your address, your number and the name of your store, or your business on every little page of your website for easy access.


  • Mobile SEO- In a world where cell phones have taken over practically any and everything in this god darn world, Mobile SEOs is one major thing we need to talk about. For everyone who didn’t know about it, it is a well-backed fact that around about 70% of Google searches are done on the cell phone.

What that means:

That’s a staggering amount which gives us a clear idea of how the Internet today is drifting apart from the initial computer days and taking shelter in the world of cell phones. No wonder why Google decided on creating an index based on our cell phone activity and started the entire indexing of the website’s mobile version.


  • eCommerce SEO- Let’s face it, eCommerce is a tremendous industry in itself. Coming back to SEOs, rigidly optimising a website that is an eCommerce one, is way tougher than working out 7 days a week. I mean, honestly, it’s difficult. You have a lot of pages to optimise and the promotional work takes up all your energy.


Now that you most probably gained insights about the numerous SEO varieties that exist, It is certain you will ace your next step.