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Build Community By Giving Things.

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New Volunteers Are Always Welcome!

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You are welcome to be a part of this journey as we take on the slope to clear the path to magnificence.


Our group of adventure lovers is funding us. The doors are open to your presence on the journey.


Every penny counts on this hike over the escarpments to a pleasant way of serving nature.

About Us

We, as a community, work to thank the hills and the greenery for their lush fruition. Every crack on nature needs to be fixed on this mission.

Volunteer Comments

All the individuals volunteering for this service have put in their best efforts to accentuate the green.

Living a few days with the team to improve the conditions was somewhat akin to a catharsis.

-Mary H Garris

The risk everyone is facing now needs to be eluded effectively, and doing it with your friends makes it a lot more fun.

-Pauline H Mondragon

The service they are facilitating by bringing together people from several states is worth our praise.

-Raymond L Campbell

Wilderness Hiking, Adventure, And Giving Back Through Volunteering.

Hit the road to the heights of adventure and elation to give back to nature with every step you take to the peak.

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